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06-18-2012, 12:44 AM
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Originally Posted by thaman8765678 View Post
I'm not rubbing it in I just wanted to give my opinion. It's a forum where people can debate what they think of the trade. Again, the Flyers have been one of my favorite teams for a while now and it just makes me mad when some people try to discredit what Richards and Carter brought to the team. Yes, the trade is done now but of course people will be speculating for years on what could have been... happens during every trade!

For all we know Schenn and Simmonds will lead to Flyers to the cup in the next few years and all will be forgotten... but you can't ignore that they won the cup.
I dont understand this logic. How does LA winning the Cup have to do with how the Flyers fared in the trade?

I mean, the Blue Jackets could trade Rick Nash to Washington for Carlson, Kuznetsov, five 1st round picks. If the Caps win the Cup does that mean the Jackets lost the trade?

And this line of thinking makes even less sense when you understand the fact that the Flyers didnt even trade Carter to LA.

So basically, if Anaheim trades Bobby Ryan to NYI for Strome+Niederreiter, and then the Islanders trade Ryan to Vancouver for a 3rd round pick, and then Vancouver wins the Cup.

Did the Ducks lose the trade?

See how that logic doesnt work?

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