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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
I am also a transplant. Lived in Orange County until 2003 when I left for school. Came back for awhile but ended up back in the midwest a couple of years ago. Other than my family and friends, going to Kings games is what I miss most about SoCal.

Been able to see the Kings in Chicago, Detroit, St. Paul, St. Louis and Nashville in the past couple of years, but it's not the same seeing your team on the road. Although it will be a lot sweeter this season.
The only place on the road that is fun to watch the Kings is Edmonton. I tend to go up for the games there and inevitably someone sitting near me asks the question "why are you a Kings fan?" Typically, they are 30s or older and I always respond "August 9, 1988." Every Oilers fan that age or older remembers that date and you can see a little piece of them die all over again when they go through the Gretzky trade again. It amuses me greatly.

I've seen the Kings on the road in Edmonton and Calgary and have been to Staples Center once. I wish I had made contact with you guys before I went to Staples. It was like the pilgrimage to the Holy Land for me. I had a permagrin on my face from the time I got to LA Live until the Hawks scored their first goal that night. Even though they lost 2-1 (and incidentally I missed the only Kings goal being in the bathroom, damn those in-game promos), it was the most fun hockey game I have ever been to. As a nearly lifelong Kings fan, finally getting to see your team play at home and take in the sights and sounds of your home arena for the first time is amazing. I may have been 29 years old when I did it, but it felt like I was 6 years old going to my first hockey game all over again. I was just that excited and pumped.

SoCalers take it from me, don't take the fact you can go to Staples 41 times per year plus preseason and playoffs, lightly. For those of us from far away, it is a special place that holds much mystique. I plan to come back as often as possible, but if I never make it back there I will always cherish the memories of the one time I got to see the Kings play at home. However, I better come yearly now since the one year I see them play at Staples Center, they win the Cup.

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