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06-18-2012, 03:03 AM
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Goal review...good goal for Phoenix. That number 28 ref really had it in for us this game. Ironic the first penalty he called was on Stolly (also 28).

Doughty on PK. Sitting this close and with so many ice panel panes, it's tough to get any good, unencumbered shots...great way to watch the game though. This one I liked. Usually for the pro photogs, there are holes in the glass where a lens can be squeezed through.


Bailey says: "Look at that jfont, nice view" I have to agree. Never mind Silent Bob though.

Bailey says: "Ahh, it's you again Ror! ..."

Bailey says: "Ok then..."

Bailey: *ignore*

Bailey: *ignore*

Bailey: *ignore*

This guy seems to run hot and stalking or total no interest...bipolar? He does run around and beat a drum IRL.

- R

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