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06-18-2012, 06:27 AM
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My experience sounds very familiar to you, and that's not good news...

When I was young (probably 10ish), I smashed my 2 front teeth on the front supporting pole of a small Catamaran. There was a dentist on the trip and he said to get it checked out when I get back home. I did. The dentist fixed the crack a bit, but nothing else was done.

A few months later, I had terrible pain. Turns out one of the teeth was completely dead and the root needed to be removed. A few months later, same thing with the other tooth.

After a couple of years, the teeth both started decaying even with the occasional touch up with cement. On occasion, the teeth would literally just break, and they would have to fill the broken parts with cement.

Long story short, my 2 front teeth are now fake...

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