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Originally Posted by mattihp View Post
Someone doesn't remember the goalie and defenseman quality in the SEL ten years ago

The average goaltender in the SEL was pretty bad. Only thing that brought the average up to pretty bad from horrible was a couple solid tenders..
Comparatively, are they that much better though? Save percentage has increased in the SEL, just like in the NHL. Better save percentage doesn't matter if you don't look at trends as well. Notice i wrote star players. I have hard time believing Fredrik Andersen is that much better than Henrik Lundqvist was at that age.

I agree though that defensemen has goten a bit better.

Rather, it's the depth players that has goten better, not the star players.

Is there nothing that can be done to improve the league? Is a merge with another league inevitable? If that's the case i'd rather start watching the NHL full time. The experiment is inevitably going to fail any way. Because the difference between playing eight extra games against teams from Finland in some sort of cross legue playoffs is not going to make a difference versous playing eight extra games against Swedish teams. And it just seems that much more dull than watching other Swedish teams.

What annoys me the most is that Hockeyforbundet just seems to be content with the way things are now, just scratching their belly buttons.

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