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Originally Posted by Peter25 View Post
I guess you did not understand my sarcasm.

Latvia cannot even afford to build hockey rinks and needs help from Russia (KHL) which Latvia semi-officially regards as an enemy. How Latvian hockey has fallen since the Soviet days! In the 1980's Dinamo Riga (with only Latvian players) could beat NHL clubs.
Lol, I'll have some of what you are smoking because nothing you write is true. First of you make it seem like like Latvian inhabitants need hockey arenas like they need food, good schools or public transportation. Poor us, not having arenas where to play hockey, how can we cope with our miserable lifes... Hockey is absolute luxurity ffs. We don't have 50 Formula1 tracks as well, but that doesn't mean that we need them.

And since when do we need Russia to build us anything? We built each of our ~20 arenas without any help from any foreign country. And as far as I know Russia isn't building hockey arenas anywhere but on their own soil, but I guess you have your own sources. And if I may ask, where do you get your info on Latvian-Russian relationships? Latvia is no Iran, that it views one or another country as an enemy. Lat-Rus relationships may not be the warmest, but it as sure as hell is no Latvian fault (actually there's not that many countries which have perfect relationships with Russia in the first place).

Would love to see your arguments why do you think our hockey has fallen somewhere. We're still an elite hockey nation, we have 20 times more ice rinks we had in Soviet days, if someone bothered to register hockey players in 1989 we would see that amount of players nowadays is much higher, and after all we still have a team in Russian elite league. If anything our hockey is as good shape as it's ever been.

If mods feel we've crossed the line, please, don't hesitate and delete our mumblings, but I felt I needed to respond to these deluded statements.

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