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06-18-2012, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by My Cat View Post
There hasn't been a lot of chest-thumping this time around about a lockout. Certainly nothing like the frenzy at the end of the '04 season. But I haven't kept up with the news at all. Is a lockout considered a strong possibility?
The big wild card IMO is the new head of the NHLPA, Donald Fehr. We don't know if Fehr and the players are on the same page yet, and what that page might represent. It is believed that the owners have some financial issues they want to tweak regarding revenue sharing percentage and salary cap/floor calculations (major issues), realignment/expansion (negotiating chips), and other loopholes in the current CBA like front loaded contracts, etc. and the players want to change the salary escrow system (major issue for them), as well as push back against any changes in the revenue sharing/salary cap (the typical negotiation between management and labor over wages).

Who knows for sure where the flexible points exist to prevent this negotiation from blowing up ? Both sides seem to think a lockout would be catastrophic, but we'll see. I don't expect the initial meetings to be slam dunks, but maybe cooler heads will prevail as they reach deadlines that might impact regular season games.

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