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Originally Posted by michaelshu View Post
Alright, I'll keep that in mind. No it's not a must to visit the HHOF, and yes you're right. I do wanna get away from the hustles and bussles

I'm kinda surprised you knew Jakarta though, ever been there before?

I guess right now Montreal is a must on my list, everyone is raving about it! Is the Bell Centre open for public attraction or something? I think it's enough for me if I can just see what a real NHL stadium looks like, I imagined they would have something like a tour of the White House.
Nah, I just figured you lived in Jakarta, since you said NYC was a cleaner version of my city... I'm a bit of a geography buff, and am especially interested in East Asia/ SouthEast Asia. It still baffles my mind 135 million people live on the Island of Java.

Maybe I'll be asking you for travel tips if I ever plan a trip to Indoesia

Keep in mind Mintreal and Vancouver are still the second and third largest cities in Canada... Still lots of hustle and bussle in both cities, but I'm sure it's nothing like Jakarta

Victoria is only a ferry ride away from Vancouver, and you can ride the train or bus from Montreal to Quebec City...

Victoria and Quebec both don't have big city vibes. I'd personally take the train to Quebec if you go there... I think it might even be shorter than a bus ride... Definitely more expensive... But much more relaxing.

Quebec City is also the oldest city in North America, and the only city in North America with City Walls!

If you don't go to Toronto you should be able to see Vicortia/Quebec City.

Personally though... I think there's more than enough to see in the lower mainland, that you probably don't need to bother going to Victoria at all. It's a short enough ferry ride... 1.5 hours each way... But just not sure there's enough there to justify spending half your day in Victoria and three hours on a ferry when there's just so much to do and see in and around Vancouver.

Victoria is definitely more relaxing than Vancouver though! That's for sure. So maybe it would be worth a visit, maybe a full nights stay even. Hotels/ bed and breakfasts are probably cheaper in Victoria too. It might be too relaxing for a full nights stay though..

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