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Originally Posted by OneMoreAstronaut View Post
If you find you have chronic groin problems, it might do you a lot of good to see a physiotherapist and have ultrasound treatments done on the area. They're used to break up inflexible scar tissues (the reason why I constantly pulled my groin) so that the muscle can heal new again. As long as you allow it to fully heal after the treatment, and then work your way back up to flexibility again afterwards (it's like starting over new), I found that it worked wonders for me.
I saw three physios for my groin. The ultrasound guy was useless, just waved the magic wand in a really unfocused way. The second guy was smart but didn't really help, seemed like he didn't believe me. The third focused on manual therapy (tricky in the groin area, especially with a cute physio) but it really helped. She was super smart and really helped teach me how to strengthen the groin and, more importantly, the surrounding areas.

Flexibility is important but keep in mind, stretching a groin injury is not recommended.

But your point about scar tissue is well taken. I'm planning to buy a roller to work on loosening up my groin to keep it healthy.

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