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Originally Posted by 210 View Post
The question I asked was specific:
Can you name one pro sports league that would have "reset" a game after is was considered "official" due to a misapplication of the rules?

The problem is confusion over the the difference between the game being over and the game being "official".
Just to clarify what I am suggesting:

Once the players leave the ice the game is official, no matter what rule may have been misapplied. However, IF the Marlies (or any NHL team for that matter) were to approach the officials at the time of the decision and ask for a reversal of the call due to the rule being incorrectly applied, and the officials refuse, I think the team should have every right to continue the game under protest. The league can rule on it after the fact and if the protest is deemed to be correct, then the game should be resumed at the earliest possible time and continued from the point of the incorrect rule application.

In this case, IF the Marlies had asked the officials to consider the fact that there was an Admiral player in an off-side position on the original "shot on goal", and that should nullify the goal, and the officials refused the request, then the Marlies should have the right to protest that decision (it's not a judgement call keep in mind, it is an interpretation of the rules at that point), then the game should not be official until the league rules on the protest.

If the Marlies leave the ice, as they did in this situation, then once the last player leaves, the game is official, no matter what.

So rarely are the rules misapplied that it doesn't usually become an issue, but I think the NHL (and the AHL) should have something like this in place. That's all I am suggesting.

In this case it would never have mattered as the teams were long gone before anyone realized the wrong call was made on an interpretation of the official rules. Game over, and game is official.

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