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Originally Posted by My Cat View Post
Problems, maybe? Arguing over length of affiliation? Maybe the uncertain labor situation is causing a problem.

What made Tampa want to move on, anyway?

My Cat & DuckJet are right both right in why it is taking so long.
1. Draft is much more of a priority
2. Length of affliation is a big deal to the Admirals, and probably is just as much to the Ducks. Ken Young (owner of the Ads) doesn't want to jump around from affliate to affliate (Ducks would be the third since we have been in the AHL), 5 years is the typical arrangement with the last 2 years being optional years.

The said reason Tampa wanted to move is travel. Norfolk is the southernest team in the Easter Conference with our nearest opponent being Hershey, 6 hours away. They wanted their players on the bus less and on the ice or in their own bed more. Lame excuse after this past season when all the players were saying the reason why they were winning is cause they were so close and they got so close because of the traveling and being on the bus so much.

While I enjoyed this past year and parts of the TB era, I can't wait for Anaheim to come in. Time to move on with the Future... When the Stevie Y Era came in to TB, TB made Ken Young do some upgrades for the players, so Anaheim prospects will get to benefit from that.

Also, if you do not know the Norfolk area, it is a great area to have a minor league hockey team. First, there are TONS of apartments within walking distance of the Scope (the arena). Alot of players skate boarded to the arena.

You will also see a professional front office staff, from the Owner, to the PR guy, to the season ticket holder rep... they are all world class. They will not pull the stunts that Dolgon pulled in SYR. Ken Young is hands off when it comes to the lockerroom, he leaves that to the professionals. Keith, the PR guy, goes above and beyond to make sure you know what is going on and has no problem answering any questions. Even our media is more respectable than SYR. They do not publish or report anything without it being from the team so you know its official.

And the fans, we love our team. We will support anyone who has the loveboat logo on their chest. The love for our team gets so great that you will see people b1tching non stop about how we have to suffer thru Caps games and cant get Anaheim games on the local networks to watch the Admirals that are called up.

Heres to a long and fun affliation... you guys will love us <3 Promise!

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