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06-18-2012, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Brad Tolliver
You are just making my point for me.

Doughty was more NHL-ready as a rookie than Johansson is now. He got to develop his rookie year under no real pressure on a bad team, then had two more years where LA weren't real contenders to follow. He is irrelevant to the discussion in this case.

King proved to be effective in Manchester and was brought up to be a big body and that's exactly what he was doing, and they got more than they expected out of him. He's got enough skill to play with top 6 players and not be a liability when not scoring. Even then he was moved to the bottom 6 when he was becoming less effective than Penner.

Nolan wasn't as good so he was playing an even more limited bottom 6 role. Loktionov who barely played was probably a better player but Nolan was far more suited to a bottom 6 role.

Marchand had to prove to be effective in Providence first, then he had to prove himself to exceed the bottom 6 role he was given in Boston before he got top 6 time.

Seguin has an elite NHL-ready skill set that not a lot of players have. Still he didn't even play the first two rounds of the playoffs last year and didn't get in until Bergeron got hurt, and had no real impact after Bergeron came back. They also didn't have the option to send him down to Providence anyway.

Even Adam Larsson got benched in the playoffs for Peter Harrold. Do you really think a non-contending team would ever sit their top defense prospect for Peter Friggin Harrold?

Most of these players were allowed to develop and prove themselves away from the contenders before they were bought up to contribute immediately. Johansson is far more than just some muscle away from being a useful NHL player on a contender.
Well, the first picture is Voynov, not Doughty.

And since when can you not develop in a bottom six role? All of these players were clearly still developing and made key contributions to their teams playoff runs (or even reaching the playoffs in the case of the 8th seeded Kings). You're right in one respect, these players didn't develop on cup contenders. They developed on cup winners.

I don't disagree that the Capitals shouldn't depend on young players/prospects as heavily as they do. I agree that they should earn their roles and force their way into prominent positions. But the concept that contenders don't develop talent on their NHL roster is ridiculous. And the concept that Johansson needs to be traded because he hasn't "hit puberty" yet is borderline mentally ill.

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