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06-18-2012, 03:13 PM
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Are you not doing the same thing? Liles + Fratton is greater value than Luongo is insanity. Regardless of a front loaded long term contract (which won't even run it's course), or the fact we'll likely be saying goodbye to a goaltender this summer, any top 5 goaltender is superior to a top 4 d-man and a potential top 6 forward. What logic are you using?
I'm looking at the whole picture, business wise and talent wise and considering those Fratton+Liles>Lou. If this was based on pure talent and there was no cap and owners didn't care about $$ then Fratton+Liles would have to add a pick or prospect. Even looking at future returns Fratton has soo much to offer. Also for the love of God stop with the top 5 goalie thing!! if he really was then there is no way in hell Van fans would be OK with letting him go. If i could pick any goalies to have Lou would be 14th-18th

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5.3M "mammoth cap hit." Made me laugh hard.
5.3 will be HUGE in a few yrs, also a team can't make a player retire. Not too mention the actual salary is pretty large and owners care about that sort of thing lol and owners are the GM's boss