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Originally Posted by jeh82 View Post
I think the best player thing can get over-stated a bit.

Let me give you a hypothetical:

On the Flyers big board, Gaunce is #18 and Koekkoek is #19. A few teams go off the board, and both are there at 20. They are basically a wash in terms of talent, in the team's eyes, but Gaunce is a bit closer to the NHL and holds a modest advantage?

Would you want the team to take Gaunce?

I would hope that organizational need plays at least a modest role. I don't want them to reach based on position, but I don't think it makes sense to completely ignore need either.

That wasn't really my point. My point was you aren't getting an impact guy at #20 so that should be independent of potential NHL signings/trades.

I truly believe you take the best player. A lot can change by the time that pick is NHL ready. Now maybe you recognize a hole in the organization and factor that into your rankings and address that at the draft, but generally you should take the best player regardless of position. You want value. That player might even be dealt to help fill a need as we have seen.

This isn't the NFL or NBA. Most of these guys are 3-4 years away from making an impact. A lot can change in that time frame.

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