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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Seemingly an inability to comprehend that statistics and probability do reveal significant differences in behaviors across ages and in criminal behaviors across ages and that have been recorded across nations, time, and as long as such data has been recorded.

But apparently I'm a prejudiced, bigot for suggesting a 21 yr is more likely to have a period of instability or engage in violent crime, murder, assault etc than a more mature candidate say 10-20 yrs older.
Oh well I think the majority of people in here other than CN agree on this topic.

I mean it's age profiling but it happens. Currently I'm going through it myself. I'm trying to move up into a higher position right now and I know the position is between me(a mid-20's person, who is certified and has 5-6 years of experience in my profession which is limited at this point) and another fellow(a guy in his early 40's, who isn't certified, not looking to get certified but has a boat load more experience than me at this point).

I mean I hope to hell I get the job but I can completely understand if they decide to go with the other guy.

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