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06-18-2012, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Shark Fin Soup View Post
Please... don't remind the Miami Cheat are about win a championship. This has been a terrible sports year. The Kings and Heat winning championships and the Sharks getting their ***** kicked in 5. Last year was much better with Vancouver and Miami falling short and at least the Sharks made it to WCF. I hope LeBron's legacy is forever tarnished no matter how many championships he wins because he teamed up with someone who should be a rival and who he should be battling with for championships.
Meh Lebron has a worse rep than he really deserves. I mean he was an idiot for saying that and having the "decision" but all in all it was his right to leave Cleveland and he hasn't had any off court issues.

(not to turn this thread into a Lebron debate) But I do understand if people don't like him.

But yes, not the best sports year.

Here's to Sharks/Warriors/49ers in 2013!!! (still hopeful on the Giants this year)

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