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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
If I could add to this what I did on another board: Two of the individuals were trainees, another two had been with the firm for only 2-3months, and only Mrs Shegelski, had been a veteran with the particular firm. An outsourced global firm that pays typically low wages and benefits and in turn gets typically low commitment and an unending stream of recruitment and training.

This firm entrusted Baumgartner, who its known had bragged "wow I just got issued a gun, I wonder if I make the news If I start popping people off"

Yeah, they hired this guy and issued him a gun and didn't monitor what the whole world could see through his online profiles. Didn't assess the individuals suitability in any apparent way, didn't assess his mental stability, financial stability, financial records, nothing. They fully entrusted this guy to be walking around with upwards of half a million bucks and put a loaded semi-automatic gun in his lap.

I repeat Armed bank security guard is not entry level employment. It shouldn't even remotely be considered as such. In a different time and age not too long ago people were actually expected to have a security career before being entrusted with this level of bondability and security.
Doesn't sound like a hiring problem as much as actual work policies.

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