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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its directly proportional to what they pay:

G4S is recently quoted as paying a range of $11.58-24.94/hr for armed bank security guards. This being a relative senior position with the org ( I say relative as theres really no such thing) You should see what the firm pays rent a cops in malls and patrols.
The same armed bank security people have to work 10 yrs in order to get a paltry 3wk holiday increment.
The same firm has a turnstile of recruiting because they can't retain anybody because they don't pay valid wages and benefits commensurate with the positions, responsibilities and risks.

The problem isn't really getting employees, its paying enough to keep them, from a firm that is the second biggest international employer to Walmart according to some sources and that has made record obscene profits in every year of operation.
You know what Walmart pays? Being big shouldn't mean anything. What needs to be changed is the few things that Reimer posted on page one.

First, if someone complains that someone is a good on Facebook you spend the 5 minutes and check it out.

Second, if you are firing someone or letting them go or whatever you damn well make sure they don't have access to their work gun. Maybe it's as simple as installing lockers that lockout employees that no longer work with the company.

Finally if you are letting someone go you let them go now. Don't piss around waiting.

I see part of the issue was hiring this lunatic, but it's obvious that wasn't the major flaw here.

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