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06-18-2012, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by PerformanceOil View Post
Slippery slope indeed. Part of the problem with both sets of data is in possible biases in both. Asking the question "what age/race is more likely to be convicted of a crime" is not the same as "what age/race is most likely to commit a crime".

For age particularily, if you are convicted of a crime at 22, are you likely to be committing a crime at 23? Presumably not, since you are likely incarcerated. Also, maybe you don't recidivate when you are released - but is it because you are chronologically older and wiser, or is it due to the counseling etc. you received while in prison?

Arguments about screening and pay structure are much stronger I think.
Also a fair point.

Maturity in this context is probably irrelevant. You do not cure a sociopath, it can not be done. There are studies in existence that show they will only use counselling or interventionary methods like prison to become better sociopaths.

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