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06-18-2012, 06:04 PM
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Originally Posted by ganave View Post
Pulled the trigger and bought the last of my gear.

I just need a jersey and I think I have everything. Can someone let me know if I'm missing something stupidly obvious?

Helmet - (new) Reebok 7K. I'll upgrade it when I move past the instructional league
Throat Guard - (new) Reebok Revoke
Neck Guard - Reebok
C/A - Miklin (solid protection, moves well)
Catcher - Koho 700 pro
Blocker - Bauer XR4
Legpads - Reebok 9K
Goalie Jock - (new) Paw Pad
Goalie Pants - (new) Reebok 9Ks
Thermal pants - EMS lightweights
Compression Shirt - Easton one that I use for baseball
Regular Pants - cheap Reeboks
Skates - (new) Bauer One60s
Suspenders - (new) A&R Suspenders
Stick - (new) Sherwood 530 - wooden, goalies seem to go back and forth on wood and composite.
Hockey Tape
Lace tightener
Stick Bag
Goalie bag

Everything should arrive this week! I have a friend who can airbrush my helmet for cheap. I'm tempted to get a Pomeranian on it with the usual open jaw of ferocious Pomeranian where the cage is.
Everything looks in order. One thing I would highly recommend, but is technically optional, is a pair of "soakers" for your skates - blade guards that will absorb the moisture of your skate blades after using them (if you let them stay wet for very long after use they'll start getting rusty).

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