Thread: Proposal: 3 way deal: MTL-ANA-NYI
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06-18-2012, 06:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
Please keep in mind I was not the one who placed Bourque into a trade, I was simply tampering with other trade offers beng made to explain Montreal's perspective. I could be wrong, and apologize if I am, but I believe it was either a Ducks fan who asked for Bourque, or, at the very least, was willing to include Bourque in a deal. I am simpy trying to clarify that Bourque is not a bag of pucks player due to one bad season.

No worries, mate. No harm, no foul. It is good to be seeing eye-to-eye with you on something...

As a Habs fan, I would be ok with this. I am not singing it as the greatest of deals, but I am comfortable with it if that is what the deal has to be. I still think I would rather some of the Chicago offers, though...

I know topdog is a Habs fan and he proosed the deal, but Cogliano is an absolute non-starter. He is not worth anything at all in a trade with Montreal. We have too many Cogliano types. He has to be removed and replaced with another asset. Seriously, he is of no value to Montreal as he would simply be blocking the development of a player like LeBlanc/Geoffrion/Kristo/prospect. Cogliano is too small for what we need and not skilled enough to overcome his lack of size. We do not need another player eating cap money for no good reason.
True.I just added Cogliano as a cap dump from the Ducks because they were taking Bourque.What if we dropped both Borque and Cogliano and try something like,

Ducks get Pleks +Preds 2nd
NYI get 6th OA + Habs 2 + Ducks 36 OA
Habs get 4th OA and Ducks 2013 2nd .

Seems like some of the Islanders fans are alright with what they are getting so we just need the Duck and Hab fans to agree.
I think this is just about as good as it gets for all three teams

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