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06-18-2012, 08:35 PM
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hey guys,

so im buying my second stick.

when i first bought it, i hadnt even ever tried playing. so i ended up with a bauer supreme one55 p92 87 flex 59-60" ~. heres what ive determined.

1. i need a lower flex rating. ideally id like 75.
2. the stick needs to be shorter. standing in bare feet, this one eclipses my nose by about an inch, id like it in bare feet to be between my chin and my top lip.
3. the backstrom curve is a little too much, im leaning more toward the p88 to get the all around feel.
4. the lie, im still undetermined on, right now i use a lie 6, and i feel like i have to get a little further down to execute a wrist shot than id like.

im pretty much set on getting a bauer x:6.0. so keep that in mind

heres my questions for you guys.

1. i see an intermediate bauer x60 and it comes in at 57". i need to take about 2" to achieve the flex rating i want, or close enough that its negligable. im 5'9 145 lb. not overly strong, but not weak either. i can probably outdo my weight class in most areas, but not by a big stretch. will 2" get it to 75 from a 67 flex? also the only lie the p88 comes in is 6, is it a huge deal from 5 to 6?

the senior sticks seem to start at 77, and then are already too tall for most of the guidelines ive seen. so no matter which senior stick i buy im always going to end up with 87 or more flex.

am i just kind of in the middle here?

is intermediate the right way to go?

and is there a stick that would more fit my needs thats comparable?

thanks for your time!

EDIT: been messing with my current stick, and grabbing the top where i think ill cut it down. the lie 6 will probably work. im guessing im not skating with a deep enough knee bend. if i get a lie 6 and cut it down 2" will that affect much?

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