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Terry Murray rant thread...

Hopefully the players are trying to get their oppressive coaches fired. The light of freedom from 29 other cities showing them the way forward. When it happens though, this team better start scoring, and winning, right away, because it's more sizzle than steak right now.

I hope the players get their wish. Then it's all on them.
Terry Murray fired thread...

Now it's on the players. Sizzle or steak?
Team Identity thread...

Not to pick on the guy who forced the spotlight on himself, but Doughty is the microcosm of this entire team. His play is the identity. The talent is there, but they're just not bringing it. Lazy play, poor execution, just doing whatever.

Frankly I don't trust the players on this team anymore. Maybe a new coach will spark something, maybe a younger coach will spark something, but I don't know. They're going to have to prove it. No more assumptions with these guys.

Want a slogan? Prove it.
No. Not yet. Too soon to give up on Doughty. I'm just somewhat amazed at how he's played for the last year and a half.

We all know what Doughty can do. For whatever reasons, last year it was blatant interference penalties at the blue line, or going for the big hit, even when it wasn't there. This season it's been completely unnecessary cross checks in the defensive zone, along with just a general malaise. I could chalk it up to the contract stuff, but he played the same way last year. Perhaps he was so frustrated by the coach, and he just didn't know how to handle it, so he does whatever on the ice.

Like I said, no more assumptions. Now that Murray is gone, it's on the players. Whoever the next coach is, beggars can't be choosers. No more assuming Doughty(or anyone else) is great. It's time to prove it. If Doughty keeps taking these mindless penalties though, and then whining to the refs for the obvious penalty call, then next summer might be time to trade him. The little kid act is wearing a bit thin.
Kings hire Sutter thread...

The players got what they wanted. Murray is gone. I won't shed a tear for them if they keep half assing it.
GDT against the Bruins thread...

A roster full of untrustworthy players, save one or two. Can Kopitar ever battle through anything? How does he ever win a faceoff? If it's not open ice, he just stops.
Why does Kopitar even go into the faceoff circle? Has anyone ever been less interested taking a faceoff? Not just neutral zone faceoffs either. Offensive zone, PP faceoffs. Just sort of waves his stick lightly in the air. I can see why he's not a star, and it's not just because he plays on the west coast.

I'm not sure the core of this team has it in them. More hype than anything. I hope it is Sutter, I hope he is a iron fist task master, and I hope these players whine about it.
The players on this team aren't going to listen to someone they know isn't going to be the head coach too long. Not the players on this team. The players on this team have so far shown that they think they're better than they are, so the whole Stevens thing was never going to get off the ground. Until the actual head coach is around, the players will do whatever. Even when the new coach gets here, I'm not sure if these players can handle it. No more excuses or assumptions.
Red Wings 8-2 loss...

If I was Sutter, I'd just tell the players to stay home next Thursday. Do nothing but skate them hard in the practices, and then just don't even bother with the game. Maybe then the players would be embarrassed. Maybe. Hopefully Sutter is a dictator, and hopefully he makes all of them cry.
If nothing else, I remember Sutter teams being annoying to play against. They weren't the best teams, they didn't always win, but they gave it an honest effort. Something this bunch clearly lacks. There's no edge. They're not out there with a purpose. Which is weird, since there's only so much you can do on a big sheet of ice, while wearing skates, and carrying sticks, with a logo on your chest, and a helmet. The start of games for this team, it's like they forget what they're there to do. Why do I have skates on? Where am I?
8-1-5 under Sutter thread...

Wins matter come playoff time. Points matter in the regular season. The Kings dug themselves a bit of a hole in the first half, so they just need to get points from now on. Doesn't have to look pretty. They're going to lose games, and they're going to lose games in regulation, but if they have to lose games, I'll take the point if it's there.

The Kings can keep it up, and maybe take the division, IF, they start getting the kind of contribution from everyone that was expected of them going into the season. Penner, as one example, has his issues, but would anyone have expected 2 goals in 34 games? For a guy that was averaging almost 25 goals a year in his career before this season, I doubt anyone would've expected just 2 goals at this point.

If things keep going the way they have been, then I would doubt the Kings get any higher than 6th. I would still expect them to make the playoffs though. The Kings have flaws, but so do the teams they're in the race with, and the Kings at least have the experience of getting to the playoffs the last two years. That doesn't guarantee anything, but something like that does have some value to it.
Late game loss to the Wings...

I don't see anything about the system in the loss tonight. That was all a lack of determination and execution. That is the Kings problem. It doesn't matter what system they play if the players don't play with a certain level of determination and execute when they're on the ice.
Well then this team has some serious team issues. It has nothing to do with the system. Clear the ******* puck. That has nothing to do with faith in the system. Don't lose a 1-on-1 battle in front of the net. That has zero to do with the system. I don't give a damn if the players like it. I know they live in a fantasy world where they make millions for playing a game, but that's not how it works. Execute the play. Play with some determination.
I was always most disappointed in the players. I was pro-Lombardi. I was pro-Murray. I was pro-Sutter. It just felt like blaming those guys, especially Murray, was too easy. Obviously Sutter had a huge impact on the team though.

The players damn sure played with that purpose in the playoffs. They had great starts, punctuated by starting every playoff series up 3-0. Unreal.

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