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11-27-2003, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Joe Malone

A "must read" for those who have a problem with Gainey and his handling of our prospects.
Thanks for the link to this article Joe Malone. It does put a few things into perspective.

A few comments of my own...

Originally Posted by John Wiens
It is reported in various sources already, mostly in Ottawa, that the Hossa clan is not happy with Marcel playing on the wing.
This line struck me in this article and triggered a few questions in my mind. Anyone knows a bit more about this (maybe people living in Ottawa)? What is this Hossa clan? Can we join it? Is it Marcel himself? His brother? (I kind of vaguely remember someone on this board saying Marcel's brother Marian telling a buddy he didn't like the fact Montreal were playing him on the wing). Or is it his family? His agent? Fans? Journalists? Would this come as news to the Habs organization and I wonder if they're going to do something about it (ie try him at center for the 1st time in the AHL).

Also, I will not argue about Hainsey's maturity level as it's what struck me the most when I heard him talk in interviews for the 1st time. He does sound full of himself and thinking he has "arrived" when he barely showed he could play in this league yet. It's a big concern I have with him who makes me wonder just what we can expect from him in the future. Hossa is a bit more of an enigma to me. He seems to work hard on the ice, however, this maturity that could not be present yet could be as shallow as saying he lacks confidence (which I think he does) and as deep as saying he wants to be sucessful for others more than for himself right now which might add tons of "bad" pressure keeping him from blossoming. He comes from a hockey family, his brother's a superstar to who he's always compared. He seems like he did not find an identity as a hockey player just yet. We'll see what comes out of it, but it might be true that what's best for Hossa would be to gain maturity and find himself in the minors, over an extended period of time. This might sound weird to some, but Hossa has always struck me as the kind of kid who will need some kind of mentor to blossom into a decent hockey player and gain the confidence needed. I don't think he has it in him just yet. Maybe that mentor could be Jarvis. I sure hope for him.

Finally, this article talks mainly about player's character and attitude. Five prospects of ours always seemed to have some to burn to me from what I read from them (interviews and what not) and that's why I was always very high on them at a very early stage of their careers, even before seeing some of them play, and before they showed if they could make it or not. Those were Komisarek, Higgins, Ward, Ryder and Ferland. So far, they're showing that their character, dedication, will to learn and work ethic are keeping them one step ahead of other players with more raw skills. I think this is the most underrated aspect some posters here or even journalists overlook when evaluating/projecting a prospect's future, as this has to be the key in every success story we'll hear about them. This should be a #1 priority when drafting all those kids full of potential because it at least guarantees they will fight as hard as they can to overcome some adversity they maybe didn't expect to meet when arriving at the pro level. I beleive all those five players will be keys to our success in a short to long term because of that very aspect, and I also suspect it to be the main reason for the lack of success of a lot of other very talented kids that maybe didn't have what it took mentally to compete and perform at such a high level.

In the end however, I will agree that if there's a man that can detect the proper amount of character/maturity needed in our prospects to become important parts of our team, it's likely Bob Gainey.

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