Thread: Proposal: 3 way deal: MTL-ANA-NYI
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06-18-2012, 09:09 PM
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It's not as crazy as some would have you believe, allows saku and Pleks to man the pk while getzlaf can focus on offense, Pleks will get you a guaranteed fifty points along with 20 goals minimum. Along with that Ryan gets a great center to play with.

As a Habs fan the 6th overall is very tempting, and without my bias I lean towards the habs adding slightly, but I think it's something along these lines

33rd OA or Habs third rounder and Nashvilles second

6th overall
67th overall (ducks third rounder, the fiasco with patrick white and sj bumps everything up a pick after 55)

So Anaheim still gets two early second rounders, Montreal still has the nashville pick at 51, however I think this whole scenario relies on two scenarios. One is both sides feel this deal is best for now and in the future. By making this deal Montreal basically says FU to next season and tanks away, probably finishing bottom five again. As well Anaheim has to assume that they will challenge again for the cup in the next four years.

The second is that both sides disagree with whose available, maybe the ducks love teravainen, take him and say **** it. Maybe the habs see it that way at six and the ducks hate him. It really comes down to this one tbh, I don't pretend to know the ducks needs, but from what I understand they've been all over the place with their drafting. If they don't like a defenseman on the board I think the Habs have Rielly, Reinhart and Dumba high on their list. They trade plekanec draft one of them (let's say Rielly for this exercise). Really deepens the long term D-core for montreal

Subban-Tinordi-Beaulieu-Rielly would be a solid top 4 to work with for years However I really don't see the need to trade down further with the islanders, this move as well may be able to help the ducks attract a solid free agent to help bolster the lineup

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