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06-18-2012, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Earlier today, Darren Dreger reported that Pavelec is looking for $4 million a year. To what extent does this affect his trade value?

There are three possible scenarios that I see, with several variants of each:
1) He is offered $4 million a year by Winnipeg and signs. His trade value surges immediately, making this entire suggestion on my part non-viable.
2) He is offered $4 million a year by Winnipeg, but is insulted due to the pace of negotiations and still won't sign. His trade value bottoms out.
3) He doesn't care about $4 million a year, he just wants out. By not tipping their hand, his trade value sits right around what it is now, which is less than someone of his skill and potential. The current reduction in trade value is due to the letters "K-H-L" having been rumored.

So I guess the question is whether Winnipeg wants to be perceived as caving in, or whether they want to cut their losses, or whether they think Pavelec is bluffing. This is seriously high-stakes stuff here; they do not have a backup option right now. Without Pavelec, and with Chris Mason probably moving on, the only two options currently in the system aren't close to NHL-ready.

Losing Pavelec would mean having to:
- Sign a UFA
- Trade for a goalie
- ????????

Not only that, they'd be bidding against Columbus and Toronto in the goalie market. The addition of another team into the sweepstakes will cause the price on a goalie to surge. Can Winnipeg take that risk?
It's a little ironic that you get frustrated when the vultures circle Columbus, yet here you are, yet again.

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