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11-27-2003, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by andora
blake/foote/morris/skrastins/liles/skoula ~~~~~~~~

why not schultz? he'd bump one of liles/skoula, likely liles out of the lineup and give leeway for trading skoula if necessary..

schultz would provide a good third pairing defense first style, i'd welcome him with open arms
Because for some odd reason this year he decided to take a year round vacation. He has no work ethic what so ever. Why do you think Lemaire called up Roche? The guy comes into training camp out of shape and isn't ready for the season when the season starts. He was sitting in the box and in the dog house for a bit there. Still isn't playing that great for some odd reason. We'll see how he does after the All-Star break but it irks me that he comes into pre-season out of shape now for...3 years now. You would think he would know? *sighs* Plus if you look at Minnesota at the moment they are having a complete breakdown on the defensive side of hockey (also a bit of their forwards not picking up the checking) but their defense is struggling a bit this year, Schultz isn't helping.

Sadly also I don't think this trade would work because of the fact that Colorado and Minnesota hate each other and wouldn't trade to each other.

Plus I think Ballard, Boychuk, Slovak Gilbert, Liffton might all giving Colorado some help in the future. Just depends. I would rather have Ballard than Schultz but that's just me. Well for the moment.

That and Schultz hasn't really picked up his offensive abilities either. Probably doesn't help in Lemaire's system.