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06-19-2012, 01:08 AM
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Originally Posted by TheIceman26 View Post
Does anyone else think people with road rage are hilarious. Some dude got out of his car and banged on my door because I accidently cut him off. I literally just laughed waited for green and drove away. Like how bad is your life if you get angered by somebody driving. Bigger things in life...
A hillbilly lunatic in Roanoke County, VA once got me to pull over (There was no cell signal in that area and I was afraid he might have some sort of, I hadn't done anything wrong, so why not?) on a middle-of-nowhere mountain road. After making it abundantly clear he had a firearm (well, what with his hand on the Glock on his hip), and claiming to be a cop, he informed me that I tried to kill his family the week prior (false) and told me if he ever saw me again, anywhere, he would "make me ****ing disappear." That was a good time. I got my concealed carry permit shortly afterwards. Too many crazy people around, and asking "what the **** are you talking about" isn't as effective as a gun if they're dead set on their insanity.

Down in the basement, I've got a Craftsman lathe. Show it to the children when they misbehave.
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