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06-19-2012, 03:02 AM
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Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
But they aren't 1 player away from winning a title next season because Rose is as good as out for the year. And I'm saying just blow it all up. I'm saying:

Trade Deng for a lotto pick which
1) gets you similar production from a younger player, thus extending the window you have to win when Rose returns
2) Saves you like $8-9M in cap space

Then you play next year out with the lotto pick, Noah, Boozer, etc and see where it takes you. If the team is terrible, big woop, you get another lotto pick and you're back and ready to go with a healthy rose in 13-14. If they're decent and make the playoffs and maybe you get Rose back for a playoff run, that's good too.

And you can't compare this to the Hawks because basketball doesn't work like hockey, and I know you're smart enough to know that. This is a league were 1 or 2 players can take you from the cellar to the top, where hockey is much more of a team sport.
It'd be one thing if this was a strong draft, but outside the top 3, it's sparce.

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