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06-19-2012, 03:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Dorian2 View Post
This has nothing to do with age. The guy's a Psychopath, plain and simple. Age doesn't make a diffrence in mental disorders.
Pretty much this. It takes a special sort of person to murder three (potentially four) people they know for any reason. I dont care if you are 19, 38, 3 or 200...

Its just really some ****ed up **** right there. He didn't just take someones life... he did it once then had the strength to do it again, and again... and again.

I'm 19 and I agree with Replacement. It isn't really acceptable for you to hire someone my age and trust them with that kind of responsibility. That's not an entry level job, it aint no McDonalds, hell its not even an entry level security job. It would be one thing to hire the guy as the rent-a-cop at some piece of junk pawn shop or something, but to be trusted with carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars with fire arms and that kind of risk?

Just straight up ridiculous. The fact that he was even hired should have somebody fired.

I also find it kind of sickening that some media outlets are looking for excuses for the guy though. I mean, he shouldn't have been hired in the first place but I dont care how mentally ill you are, if you are capable of doing that much damage you deserve to rot in a cell. "Oh he was bullied as child." Give me a ****ing break, I was bullied as a kid because I was an awkward son of a ***** with no social skills. You dont see me executing my co-workers because mommy pressured me to pay her back money that I owed.

I mean, I even see lots of people trying to guilt trip the guys mom for having the arguement about money but seriously that is something that is perfectly normal and okay to do; its kind of how the world works. I mean hell, say she doesn't have the conversation and lets the kid leech off her, what happens when it is his landlord saying pay me or live on the street... does he go kill his co-workers then?

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