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06-19-2012, 07:57 AM
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Roles and responsibilities.

As one of the senior members of the forum ( I can remember listening to the french radio broadcast of John Furgeson's and Yvan Cournoyer's first game) I realy enjoy the depth of knowledge of some of our posters. The trouble sometimes is seperating the wheat from the chaff. Anyway to the porpose of this posting.

Bergevin has been dealt a hand. He cannot go back and undo the Gomez signing nor reverse the Kaberle trade. What he can do is influence the future. He has a responsibility to put the best possible team on the ice in September and in each following September. His short term and long term goals must mesh. He does the best he can with what tools he has at his disposal. What I am trying to say is maybe Kaberle will be his 4th best defenseman, this year, maybe Gomez will be his 7th or 8th best forward. He can't let the fact their salaries aren't commensurate with their talent influence the team he puts on the ice. Sure he can look for outs via trade, demotion or buy-out, but I don't see teams lining up to solve his problems for him.
I don't see where cap-space will come into play this year, whether it's incoming salary via trades or free agency. He has to put his best 23 players on the ice on a nightly basis even if it's is Gomez on the fourth line if he is the best fourth line option they have. Bergevin and team are also responsible for developing and communicating a team strategy, the concept under which the team will play.

Terrien simply manages the assests the GM team gives him. He implements the predetermined team strategy and ensures the players comply with with the team concept. What will decide his sucess is how well he carries out the team plan. He must decide when to use the carrot and when to use the stick. He will allot ice time and use line assignments to ensure player compliance to the team's strategy.

What it boils down to is if the team is to suceed everyone needs to know and sucessfully carry out their responsibilities. Everybody must suceed in thier individual roles for the team to suceed.

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