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06-19-2012, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by cj225 View Post
I love watching Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef...definitely 2 pretty decent shows.
Used to watch both myself. Still liking Master Chef but I officially gave up on Hell's Kitchen 2 episodes into this season. That's after I knew a few seasons ago that I wasn't enjoying the show as much. For me personally the formula got old of then picking 3/4 of the group that can barely boil a pot of water (therefor making the top 4 predictable), to just realizing that every show of every season is like groundhogs day. Both teams cook terribly, Gordon tells a lot, some rediculous punishment is given out while the other team leaves in limos, someone goes home..... Rinse and repeat. I'm a big Gordon Ramsey fan but his flipping out is a big part of what got old to me.

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