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06-19-2012, 09:31 AM
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Quite simply the company shouldn't shy away from young adults when hiring but they better damn well do their homework on said person and justify(within their organization) why someone making damn near minimum wage should be given a firearm and haul large sums of cash around.

To you SK13, just because the company had ****** hiring standards doesn't mean anything. I don't thing people are being prejudice or or bigots, they are simply saying in either lengthy or short replies that G4S needs better screening and hiring processes. Some may be against hiring young people altogether but I say the hiring policies just need to be better. Are there 20 year old capable of doing the job? For sure, but likely in a random selection of 100 20 year olds and 100 30 year olds you are likely to find more suitable candidates in the 30's group.

Like I said before, police organizations like the EPS and CPS have extensive screening procedures. I've known of people who were 19 that have gotten onto the force and I've known people who were 22 that have been told to go gain some more life experience. Of course G4S isn't going to instill this kind of screening process when the successful candidate is going to be making 33% less than a Tim's employee in Fort Mac.

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