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06-19-2012, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Rocket of Russia View Post
Bud, where are you coming up with this stuff? The first statistic is based on absolutely nothing and the second statement, with the bolded word, makes the statement all but useless. Of course prospects can have greater value. That has nothing to do with the hypothetical scenario you mentioned.
Is this your first day on HF? Have you not seen the scores of comments derailing Yakupov as just another prospect? It's a reasonable comment.

The first comment was obviously not a literal statement. It's not unusual for somebody to provide an approximation on something just to illustrate a point. I have no idea why your concerns are with something so rudimentary. It was clearly not meant to be extrapolated upon... How about instead of attacking a straw man you make a criticism on something you know relevant to the debate... And before you edited in this extra part, i offered a justification for the percentage you seem to have so much of an issue with. So go ahead and name 35 players with greater value.

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