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06-19-2012, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by djdub View Post
I was thinking about this after hearing the Gagner to Caralina rumors. Assume this would be done at the table on draft day if the player Calgary covets is still on the board.

To Edmonton: Carolina 2012 1st (8th Overall)

To Carolina: Sam Ganger


To Edmonton: Jay Bouwmeester, Mikael Backlund

To Calgary: Carolina 2012 1st (8th Overall), Magnus Paajarvi

Not sure if Edm or Cal would need to add.

Thought Process:

Gagner = 8th Overall (Approx)
Backlund > Paajarvi
8th Overall > Bouwmeester

And the difference kind of evens out I think.

Edm adds steady veteran presence with good first pass to D, and a young center that would look good in between the young guns.

Car gets Ganger who I think would do well with a change of scenery.

Cal can get a good piece at 8th Ovr to help re tool (wont use rebuild) while keeping their other first at 14th Ovr. Could also use this deal to move even higher. Also get a big speedy winger that just doesn't have a spot to show what he has on Edm roster.

Flame away.
to make this way easier for you as a flames fan why not propose it in the other order? gagner and paarjarvi for bouwmeister and backlund for starters and then if carolina is insane enough to flip the first for gagner you still end up with what you are hoping for?

personally i do have a feeling paarjarvi is going to turn out to be a decent top 6 guy. im not nearly as convinced gagner or backlund will. gagner for backlund actually feels like fairly decent value for one another. i think boumweister is the only proven top talent in this trade but we all know he is horrifically overpaid which does weaken his trade value and he is nearing ufa too.

edmonton cant attract/keep guys so if bouwmeister was willing to stick around then his value to edmonton becomes much greater then his value to the other 29 teams in the NHL. so if i was in charge of edmonton, id be willing to sacrafice gagner/paajarvi for bouwmeister with the idea that i am keeping bouwmeister for the next 6-8 years with a new contract when the current one expires.

the entire thing falls apart though when you expect a top 10 pick for gagner. this would be like giving up a top 10 pick for a young cliff ronning or a young ray whitney before he learned how to play or a young cory stillman or a young matthew lombardi

almost every team has a skilled smallish guy who could produce 40 points if used in a second line situation with some second pp unit action. there might be some team that doesnt have one and would accept gagner as a short term fit/improvement but there's no real reason to project that he will suddenly blossum and turn into a 60-65 point guy because if there was then edmonton wouldnt be trading him in the first place. At this point, he is a suspect who MIGHT turn it around with a change of scenery UNTIL proven otherwise.

this means that a very motivated team that hopes for the best might be willing to give up a second for him if they felt the draft was weak. second rounder are successful if they have careers like gagner. first rounders are considered busts.

if it was known that gagner was gagner and he was in this current draft... he wouldnt be picked at number 8 cause the guys available at 8 have potential to be much better players. of course, not all of them will become better players. we know what we got with gagner. im not saying gagner isnt a worthy nhl talent who can bounce around the league. im just saying that any team that wants to use him in their top 6 has a hole in their top 6 that needs upgrading if they want to become a serious playoff contender.

you never ever trade a first round pick for a guy you know isnt good enough to win with in the role you need him to fill

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