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11-28-2003, 12:45 AM
Les Zarbites
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If ever the league was right on one account it is to hold their ground on the next collective bargaining agreement. I don't like the sound of your letter because it says : no matter what get a deal done. If there were nothing to fight for there wouldn't be lockout. There's actually something to fight for. When you say that the average blue collar can't afford a ticket to a NHL game you are very right. And it's in this very light that the NHL and Bettman have to work out something that will drive the salary structures down. It's no secret that the league doesn't have the same revenue than other american sports like football, baseball and basketball. Ridiculous contracts like the one awarded to Holik, Yashin, Jagr, Kariya(his time in Anaheim) and all first rounders are what is killing the league. Those guys make more in a year than they'll ever need in a lifetime and they want more. When you hear guys like Roenick, Hull and others say that the players are getting too much money you know that the NHLPA is wrong. Even their own players admit the problem. Those ridiculous salaries contribute to the show being a less quality one. I fully stand by the NHL and Bettman on this matter. Salaries have to go down. The amount of cash they make need to stop being the players first and main priority. And it is important that the new CBA correct those problems. If the NHL needs a one year lock out to fix those problems than I don't see why I should put pressure on them to get a deal done. I'd rather put pressure on the players than on everyone. Putting pressure on everyone serves no purpose.

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