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11-28-2003, 01:06 AM
Les Zarbites
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Originally Posted by Catala
i think the letter is targeting the lock out in itself, not its reason. They have to find a solution, and i think thy can do it without putting the game on hold for a year.

If there is a little chance to save 2004-2005 season, then let's try it. Maybe it will make them realyse that YES, they need to change their Financial rules, but that WE don't have to suffer from it.
I'll repeat what I said above :

Originally Posted by Habsolution
If the NHL needs a one year lock out to fix those problems than I don't see why I should put pressure on them to get a deal done. I'd rather put pressure on the players than on everyone. Putting pressure on everyone serves no purpose.
You have to take sides. Either the players or the owners are right. If you go out there and tell the players : "I think you are wrong and I think you guys are spoiled brats. I think you are killing the league with your high salary demands. I threaten you not to go watch the games anymore if you don't sign the proposal of the owners." If you go out there and say that then and only then your letter serves a purpose as it puts pressure on the one side.

I understood the intent of the letter. I just don't think it serves a purpose.

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