Thread: Confirmed with Link: Josh Harding (3 years, $1.9M Cap Hit)
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06-19-2012, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by saywut View Post
Was pretty interested to see the term as it appeared Harding was returning(figured it would have been 1 or 3 years, had my "issues" with both). 3 years is pretty risky. Josh Harding has not established himself as a starting caliber goaltender in this league, nor has he proven he can stay healthy for a full season. While the contract doesn't suggest we expect him to be an elite goalie, Matt Hackett's got 12 games of NHL experience and will be #3 on our depth chart assuming Backstrom is not dealt. Are we comfortable with a Hackett/Harding tandem in 13-14 when Hackett's proven so little at the NHL level(and won't get a chance unless injury/trade, though the former is likely to happen) and Harding can't stay healthy? Very risky. Hackett's in the NHL in 13-14, with us or someone else. Now we've made a commitment to Harding.

I didn't really want Harding back. I wanted Matt Hackett to win a battle with a veteran on a 2-way and get ~30 starts behind Niklas Backstrom in 12-13, so that we could have a better idea of what Hackett is before his next contract(and what kind of tandem partner he needed, as Backstrom is expiring). He's proven everything he needs to in the AHL and didn't disappoint in his 12 appearances with the Wild last season.

The salary/term isn't a problem for Harding. Its the risk we're making for the 13-14 season, a season which failure could cost people jobs(unless they lose them after 12-13). If Harding can stay healthy for these 3 years, then GMCF will deserve a ton of credit for believing in him. But history suggests he can't stay healthy. Only time will tell.
Thats a joke right? He's been a very good goaltender when healthy. He put up solid numbers with both coaching systems and has had a pretty good Sv. Pct every year. I could care less against GAA, because goaltenders can't help the number of shots their facing. Other than 09-10, he averaged a lower Sv. Pct than the average in the NHL. And he was close, even though that was the Richards era team. He's a very good goaltender, don't know where you've seen otherwise.

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