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06-19-2012, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Duckstudd269 View Post
I don't agree with the way you are comparing what we could get. The odds of us picking a player at 6 that will turn out better then Krejci are slim IMO. I would say that past history only proves that more. You are saying 6-9, but if that's the case IMO, you have to factor the odds that you pick the best player that goes 6-9, and then see if he turns out better then Krejci. IMO, those odds are slim. Plus, what's wrong with the current prospect pool? Maybe one of those guys becomes better then Krejci? IMO the prospect pool is deep enough to where you make a move to get a player who is proven, rather then draft another prospect and hope he turns out to be close to the player Krejci is. Just because Krejci isn't clearly a number one, that doesn't sway how important he'd be to the team. My point is that when your prospect pool is deep, why not take advantage and move some pieces for an established player? I'm absolutely baffled that someone wouldn't want to move a 1st and Holland for Krejci. I respect your opinion though, but I take the proven great 2nd line center any day, especially when you consider how weak we are at the position.

70 is a bad year for Staal? He's been in the league 6 years and hit 50 points once, so I don't know why you're giving him that much credit. Surely you don't think I'm talking about Erik? Clearly he's a 1st line center. I was comparing guys that have been thrown around on these boards that we'd like to have.

I realize that we aren't a cap team. IMO that's exactly why you target someone like Krejci for your 2nd line and not someone like Malkin. Budget teams don't have the luxury of having (paying actually) two 1st line centers.

Frankly I think the wait and see what this player can become approach has killed our advantage over the years of having so many great players on cheap contracts. I'm waiting for Murray to live up to what he said and use these great assets. Our rivals did, and it worked out pretty well for them.
Yeah, I actually did think you meant Erik, I don't think Jordan belongs in this discussion, grossly overrated and asking to be as grossly overpaid as his brother. Oops

I had been saying last year was the year to go all in, I think the uncertainty around Hiller and the shoulder injuries to Lydman and Visnovsky is what ruined that. My concern over the prospect pool is there's no #1D going forward. It's debatable if Fowler will ever be a true #1 or just a #2. The #6 has a chance of getting another top pairing D (that they probably won't ever pay for on the free market). I think people are getting hung up on the already admitted too high 50% and missing the actual point of my argument about not being "thrilled" at getting a player who would be a top end 2C/low end 1C. Thrilled to me indicates you were surprised and think you overachieved. I see a Krejci type as merely making a successful pick at 6. I see an OEL/Suter/Kopitar as being "thrilled".

Pure, safe asset management playing odds you make the trade (although has everyone here written off Holland as having 60 point upside?) but as far as long term star potential it's a loss IMO. And again, I don't think Krejci makes us a cup contender. I won't argue the team will be quite a bit better though.

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