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06-19-2012, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by ryno23 View Post
delusional Canucks fan....keep up the Wrong thinking.
LOL what was wrong with my thinking?

so lets see, which team that was looking for a starter and may have had interest in Luongo got a new goalie besides Tampa Bay? Care to tell me because I don't see any other team. Do u know a trade that has happened involving a goalie going to team needing a starter, that no one else in the world knows of?

Are u saying u know more than Minnesota's own fans since they say Backstrom is not available unless they get a major upgrade?

Where did a Reimer/Gustavsson combo get the Leafs the last 2 years again? How does changing the backup to an even more unproven guy help the team? He could be better than Gustavsson but he could also be worse. Plus he is a backup so maybe he wins u guys 3 more games than Gustavsson. Thats not going to bump the Leafs into the playoffs.

Seems like this Leafs fan's brain cells are rotting away because they can't handle the realization their fool proof plan of signing a goalie or getting a starter in a trade for a cheap price has become a fantasy

Before u say Canuck fan delusional thinking they can get a kings ransom for Luongo, I have never said they will. Infact I have said the trade should be something around Luongo for Colborne, Ashton, and the 2013 1st. Hardly a kings ransom when u keep ur top 5 pick, top prospect and ur top current players

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