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06-19-2012, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by berzark View Post
Don't need to pull the puck in. The key is lowering your bottom hand and making sure you're holding it tight. When starting the motion to scoop it in the air you need to have your blade in a neutral stance (not cupping the puck and not open), and go from that position to an open blade right before you start lifting your stick\the puck.

Practice this in warm-ups or outside with a skill-pad. I've mastered it in fairly short time. Just started practicing it 1 week ago and I can throw it on top of the net 4 times out of 10 from the top of the circles =P
I've been trying this, but can't seem to get the motion down. Are you moving your hands quickly for the scoop? I find that I'm losing traction, and all I get is either the puck sliding away from me, or a semi-wrister. Is this a really fast motion? Or is it a slower motion where you feel like your cradling the puck? Sorry, I'm not explaining this right. So far, I've lowered my bottom hand, tightened my grip and trying this from a neutral stance. I did try this before with just my blade fully flat (open) and coming in on the puck to try to lift it, but can't seem to do that with any success as well.

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