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06-19-2012, 02:08 PM
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So after returning my pants to Hockey Life, I headed to a Source for Sports today to get my skates sharpened and to talk about pants. The guy wasn't the most talkative but knew what I needed. He agreed that a large Bauer was ridiculous and basically went straight to the Tackla 951s. So I got the last pair of 50s. A little big in the waist (32-34) but long enough, so a perfect compromise.

They have new stock coming in next week where he says they should have some small/medium Tall Bauers that I can try on, so I bought the Tacklas so I have them and will hold off using them until I can take a look at the new stock.

The whole process was so quick I'm half wondering if I got good service or if it comes from it being my third trip to a store.

However, I did get the Tackla's 25% off because they are last year's stock.

A side note: I had bought new shin guards at Sportcheck over the weekend to replace my 15.5" old-as-hell-ITechs. After coming home, I wasn't sure if 15" was long enough, especially since I normally wear them over my skate tongue. When I skated this morning, I tried switching the tongue on one of my legs and immediately preferred it. My ankles just have so much more mobility and feel less constricted.

I was originally convinced to tuck in my skate tongue by a teammate who had played Junior A because of the protective value. He was really adamant about its importance. Now I learn it's a 50/50, personal-taste kind of thing.

So now I know the 15" shin guards will work. (Thank god, I'm tired of returning gear.)

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