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06-19-2012, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by VanSciver View Post
I love how you ignore the facts. Carle has played the majority of the last 2 Seasons without Pronger, and has played very well. So where are you getting it that Carle can't cut it without a competent D man next him? And show me a defenseman who can make a good pairing without a complimentary partner next to him.

More importantly, how is Holmgren not seeing what your seeing? Why can't Holmgren see that he's damaged goods. And the rest of the professional NHL people? They must be incompetent. They must not know what you know.

Do you really think this is the only message board that talks about the Flyers?

How exactlly has Meszaros looked more like an offensive defenseman then Carle has? HAs Meszaros put up the consistent point totals that Carle has. Has Meszaros led the NHL in Even Strength points for defenseman?

Who are thies comparable defenseman?

Okay we get it, you are pro-Carle - it has put some blinders on you.

Carle is turnover prone in his own zone.

He has the WEAKEST, LEAST accurate shot for an "offensive" defenseman I have ever seen. Mez's random forward-like moves this season are what I was referring to.

Carle, without Pronger, looks terrible. He looks out of position. He has missed his man how many times in front of our own net? Dude deflects more pucks into our net than into the opposing team's net.

He appears much better than he is bc of assists. But, I assure you there are cheaper, less turnover prone defensemen that could come in and replace Carle as adequate second pairing guys without needing 1st pairing money and a seasoned vet to make up for mistakes.

That is all.

I mean what do you really think? Do you think I want Carle to be bad? Why would I? It's a slim market and we haven't built our farm system up to feed our team so of course I would love it if Matt Carle was better than he is.

I am not one of those people who need a whipping boy. I just think, despite the occasional good game, Carle is more noticeable on the ice than he should be and for the wrong reasons.

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