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06-19-2012, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Celleyna View Post
That isn't what I said. I did not put a price on a star player. I simply am reiterating that Staal, while a good player who I would like to have on my team, is not going to fetch a premium price. You are likely going to get quantity for quality type offers for him. Meaning you won't get back a player that has the same value, but you will be able to get back som players that can plug holes.

Omark is a high risk, high reward type player. Maybe EDM have to add a bit to sweetn the pot to make it an easier pill to swallow.

What about this tweak:

To Pittsburgh:
5th overall
Belanger (solid third line defensive center)

To Toronto:
1st overall

To Edmonton
Staal (signed)
TO 3rd round pick
Obviously I enjoyed a bit of hyperbole with the Stamkos. What you actually said was, that Pens could not get better than 5th+Omark, because Staal was not a star player. So I went with it, interpreting that you considered everything more than 5th+Omark the price for a star player, which I still think was very fair.

I agree that if we have to deal Staal we'd be very lucky to get one equal player back, it's not terribly likely. So instead it should be a package of assets equal to or slightly above Staal's value for a fair deal.
5th+Omark does not even come close to that. Not even just in pure value, even when disregarding that neither of those pieces fill a need for PIT.

Adding Belagner is not helping. AT ALL. You need to change the pieces to something Pens would actually want, not add more crap.

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