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06-19-2012, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
Not the only one, a player I said to start with

That's usually how free agency works.

I said Suter was one player to START with. He certainly isn't the only UFA that could replace Carle. There are more than likely others available, via trade. I haven't seen any reports that GM's are holding onto their 2nd pairing defensemen with two fists.

The term easy is subjective. Easy for a GM, difficult for someone like you. If that was the case, every team that lost a solid defenseman would be SOL, and that's obviously not the case. The league is full of teams that have easily replaced defensemen like Carle, and ones better.

He's Matt Carle, not Bobby Orr. Jeez.
Easy for a GM? LOL. Defenseman of Carle's ability are at a premium. GM's aren't eager to trade them away. You keep telling me how easy he is to replace. But you just make generalizations. Who are all these defenseman equal to Carle that are available in a trade?

And I didn't in any way say that Carle can't be replaced, so your comment that he's Matt Carle, not Bobby Orr, is asinine.

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