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Originally Posted by Shabutie View Post
But Karlsson was not typically out there against the Kovalchuks/Ovechkins etc. (on top of the games I watched on TV I also went to see 5+ games live, he stepped off the ice nearly every time a star player stepped on).
That's a nice fiction. Karlsson was put head to head against Ovechkin in every single game we played the Caps last year. He's the only one that can skate with him.

You seriously think he played all of his 25:19 per game, nearly 2 minutes more than the next closest d-man on our team, against sheltered competition? Paul Maclean definitely deserves the Jack Adams if he's that much of a coaching wizard.

His qualcomp was excellent, someone posted it in the thread on the trade board. Second on the team behind his D partner.

Originally Posted by Shabutie View Post
Karlsson is a great hockey player, but there's a reason a lot of people don't believe that he deserves the Norris and not all of those people are as uneducated as you might think.
He probably won't win it. But that's no shame. You act like that should be held against him... It's a hell of an honour simply to be nominated for that trophy, and almost unheard of at his age.

Originally Posted by Roke View Post
Subban was hard-matched against the opposition's best and had a Ozone%( % of non-neutral even-strength faceoffs started in the offensive zone) of 46.3% of less than 50% while Karlsson had an Ozone% of 57.1%. That's a sizeable difference where one guy is carrying the load defensively and another guy is being put in a position to put up offensive numbers.
Our lowest defenseman for O-Zone starts was Phillips at just about 49%. All other d-men were above 50%. It's a by-product of the style of play of our team (except when we're playing yours, for some reason....)

I can understand why you guys aren't fans, you saw him in his 6 worst games of the season last year. Maybe the night life was getting to him... Thankfully he's getting married soon.

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