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[QUOTE=kaneone;51098261]One reason is the post above. EDIT - Now a few posts above.

Another is that just because a goalie had a better season than another doesn't mean he was more valuable to his team.

For example, I think Quick was more valuable to the Kings than Lundqvist was to the Rangers because of how many times Quick kept them in the game. The amount of 1-0 losses he had were crazy. None of that means he had a better season than Lundqvist. Lundqvist plays in a much harder division for goalies. I think his numbers were more impressive, but he wasn't as important to the team as Quick was to LA.[/QUOTE

Honestly, how many games did you see Quick play this season to say he kept the Kings in more games than Hank did? Do you know how many one goal games each team was in (taking out EN goals)? Its virtually identical and their stats are almost identical. I cant honestly say I know who was better this year between Hank and Quick and there are VERY few people, including a lot of those who voted who really do have an educated opinion based on watching each guy a substantial amount of games but i do know that Hank over a 5 year period has been the best goalie in the NHL.

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