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06-19-2012, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Harold Snepsts View Post
Offense and defense being played simultaneously, players shifting on the fly for both teams, trying to distinguish what constitutes a quality shot on goal versus an easy save. I can see where metrics have their place in baseball, but I'm struggling to think of how hockey could be any more impossible to apply meaningful metrics to.
What you've described illustrates why it's more difficult to apply metrics to hockey than baseball, and why they can't be as advanced, and why there can't be as many of them, and why they are often abused by people. But....

Stats-obsessed fans can try to reduce it to metrics but there's just too many variables for it to be meaningful in hockey.
....there are still some there. It doesn't have to be just two camps: metric deniers and stats-obsessed fans. There can be a balanced approach, and metrics can be a small part of that balance. Metrics, while imperfect, remove bias and can reveal latent things that we simply don't notice.

More than anything I think fans on forums tend to overly rely on statistics (and not just the advanced metrics stuff) to support an opinion they have on a player they really don't get to see play that often.
I agree. And I think there are very, very few people on the internet who employ metrics correctly. Most just twist and abuse them, and reapply biases that metrics take out.

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