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Originally Posted by tlureb View Post
This cynical Grigorenko take-down is nothing but a pre-draft cabal run to wrest a generational talent away from Montreal's grasp. A new GM, especially in Montreal, might think twice before staking his tenure on whom is played up...crescendo-like in 'Toranna'-centric media... to be a disaster in waiting.

"The story has legs, has Grigorenko, and lo-and-behold Galchenyuk might not... Let's make it real easy and gratifying for a GM's dubious mettle to partake in our 'echo-chamber' plot... We're on the cusp of swapping picks...and flattery...with the devil, at no cost; who would have thought just a few months ago that we could have even hoped to pull that one off!"
...might be saying the shadow director of the Toranna Chamber Orchestra, Brian Burke.

You trade up and draft Grigorenko first overall, ... or you trade down and draft Grigorenko in the teens. In each instances you get exactly what you pay, or do not pay for. Either a player who plays with confidence and his employer's draft-day-tested trust to his generational talent, ...or a player who delivers exactly what's expected of him by drafting community's consensus: a volatile repository of partly fulfilled creativity.

You pick him first...or almost, you get him whole...or almost. You pick him on a drift, ...dime-a-dozen sorta, might as well draft a ghost...

My mind is officially blown.

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