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Originally Posted by michaelshu View Post
a. Is more on the almost-impossible side (since I've tried many times), mainly due to our culture and different ways of thinking.
b. Well, the way you said it makes it sound possible. Have you done something like this before?
yes, I have sold product from companies I ran to 'public service' organizations at ridiculous prices - especially the stuff I had lots of. I always made sure it was good product. There is a level of pride on the manufacturer's part which plays into these deals also.

There are a lot of factors which enter into this type of deal. A recognized, somewhat structured organization is an important part of the buyer side. And the state of any company's inventory is always a key, and the state of the current and projected consumer market, state of the retailer network... anyway you get the idea.
I worked mainly before the internet and email was broad, so personal contacts were very important - eye to eye. So things might work a bit differently on the comm side.

Other option is to go direct to the big retailers... They all have odd-lot stuff and even with ebay and online stores, some stuff tends to hang around.
And if you're not starting with large quantities then going to a large retailer might be an easy course.
If you're not really choosy on the mix of stuff - and more towards a
size range mix, a retailer might work with some real discounts on stuff hanging around and getting shop worn.
some online retailers have some real low prices on stuff, well below retail. Likely some of it doesn't move much. An offer for 20 prs of elbow pads, mixed-their choice, may get you some further price drop. Same for other gear...
don;t know... but 'back in the day' I got a lot of varied 'offers', some of which actually fit our needs...

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